One Touch quick mode (PAS version 4.1 or later)

This guide describes how to enable quick mode when using OneTouch.
One Touch quick mode is available in version 4.1 of PAS, or later.

NOTE: Profiles enrolled without quick mode will not be updated to use it later, so a re-enrollment is mandatory to use this feature.


One Touch quick mode enables the functionality to confirm/reject assignments directly from the push notification message.

NOTE: PhenixID strongly recommends that an MDM/EMM solution is in place, before enabling this feature. So that all security settings can be set for organisational connected devices.


One Touch quick mode needs to be configured both in the pki module and on every authenticator which will use it. This is done on the "Advanced" tab in the configuration gui.

PKI Module
Start by setting the parameter "allow_quick_mode", on the PKI module ("Modules" on "Advanced" tab).
Value can be set to:
false - Quick mode will be disabled
true - Quick mode will be enabled
optional - Quick mode can be enabled by the user (in the One Touch app), off by default
optional_true - Quick mode can be enabled by the user (in the One Touch app), on by default



On the authenticator, set the parameter "quick_mode_enabled" : "true" and also "quick_mode_category" to the value of choice. Where the value of the buttons can be:
category_ok_cancel - Ok and Cancel buttons will be displayed. (Default)
category_yes_no - Yes and No buttons will be displayed
category_confirm_reject - Confirm and Reject buttons will be displayed

It's also possible to set a title and message on the Push assignment:
"ot_push_title" : "MyTitle"
"ot_push_message" : "My Message"

Example using RADIUS authenticator ("Authentication - Radius" on "Advanced" tab):

As mentioned, the above example is using RADIUS authentication. More information about authenticators can be found here.